On writing

Have you ever noticed that everyone thinks they are a good writer? I suppose if you look at it from an art perspective, pulling words together is an every day affair. Whether they are published, stated, or live somewhere in the ether or a long lost diary, writing is part of being human.

Recently I joked to a friend, who is also in the professional communications sphere, how I grow weary of writing primarily in bullet points. Now, if anyone needs bullet points I am the go-to person, as bullet points are the most concise version of a broader narrative.

Writing the broader story is my favorite part of writing. Finding the voice, tone, and life by stringing together words, I hope eloquently. Before, boiling them down to the bones where some of the life is lost.

Words are powerful, and put together well they move people to care, to take action, to learn, and embrace something new. That is my favorite part of writing. I am also a giant planner but I’ll save that for another day.

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