2021 – Dare to dream

There is something incredible about uncertainty. It can range from ultimate optimism through perseverance and determination to the other extreme of burying our heads in the sand, as the fearful ostrich.

I operate on the former theory of uncertainty that forging through it will come out for the better. Every door is an opportunity, not a symbol of the fate of closure.

As a global community we are experiencing extreme trials of character. There are people suffering around the world, the good news is there are also people serving to improve their plight.

In the US it is important to remember that we have endured the economic ebbs and flows, the risks and terror of wars, the tragedy of being the most developed and democratic country that still can’t balance capitalism with human rights.

But in 2021 as a global community we will pull out of the current severity of COVID-19 pandemic. We will and are collectively learning how to respond and subvert to pandemics. We can see our flawed systems and make every effort to correct and improve on our systems that have failed us.

2021 can be of learning and growth. We can use the great uncertainty to our benefit.

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